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Planning a trip to Leh, Ladakh

Let us look at some of the most common questions asked on my blog about planning a trip to Leh Ladakh, starting this five-article series of Leh Ladakh FAQs to answer all your questions about planning a trip to Ladakh.


Acclimatization is one of the important things to prepare for while planning trip to Ladakh. Therefore, before you set your foot out of your house to go to Ladakh, you should be aware what altitude sickness is and how to save yourself from it.


Ladakh experiences extreme climatic variations much for its high altitude. The region is also sparsely populated. Greater Himalaya range of location exposes the place to extreme winters. Often people from the small towns of Ladakh move to mainland where the climate is still warmer.

Things to take or note:

  • Take proper govt. permits. Two permits are needed, enquire about them
  • One photo ID card like PAN Card or Driver’s license
  • Medicines: Day 4 onwards, you’ll have to take doctor prescribed medicine for higher altitudes. They adjust your heartbeat for higher altitude. Doctors can prescribe some harmless medicine. I forgot the name of the medicine we took. It is a must.
  • UV protection Sun Glasses
  • Sun block cream – should have a good SPF rating like 45+
  • Lip balm and Moisturizer / Cold cream
  • Winter wears
  • Comfortable trekking shoes or sport shoes
  • And ofcourse a Gooood Camera. You don’t want to miss the shots. See the picture below.